Market Trends & Outlook

Quick Facts

  • Biggest net food & beverage importer in the world
  • Biggest spirits importer in Asia-Pacific
  • Highest per capita beer consumption in Asia
  • 2nd biggest wine importer in Asia
  • 3rd biggest spirits importer in the world 
  • 3.1 l per capita wine consumption in 2014 (China = 1.5 l)
  • ~70% of all wines consumed are imported
  • +23% expected growth of sparkling wine between 2015 and 2019
  • 36.1 million regular wine drinkers



  • Spirits and Liquors enjoy great popularity as cocktail ingredient.
  • Liqueurs and cocktailed spirits continue to be a favorite among women for their sweet taste, lower alcohol content, and visual appearance.
  • Rising popularity of Shochu (traditional Japanese spirit) due to perceived health benefits. 
  • Beer market diversifies from traditional malt beers to Happoshu (low-malt) and Third Beers (no-malt). 
  • Bulk wine imports continue to grow as private labelling continues to grow.
  • Popularity of sparkling wine among, both Japanese man and women, continues to grow.
  • Sales of high priced wines (above 3,000 JPY) continues to increase.  
  • Consumers behavior established a regular purchase of wine
  • Organic wines remain popular as consumers are very health conscious. 
  • More than 50% of all consumed wines in Japan are red wines, followed by white and rose. 
  • The per captia wine consumption is expected to reach 5 l before 2020


Consumer Spendings (April 2016)

(Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Statistics Bureau, 2016)


Wine Consumption Trend (2005 - 2015)

(Source: National Tax Administration Agency, 2016)


Per Capita Wine Consumption 

(Source: Japan Sommelier Association, 2015)