Exhibitor's Strategic View

WINE & GOURMET JAPAN offers several qualities that make it very attractive to the companies that participate with us. Being relatively a small and dense fair and also focused on Premium products, it is a very interesting event to present the best products from Spain in the Japanese market. In these years we have seen the high professional level of the visitors. In addition, the fair offers complete services to exhibitors that greatly facilitate tastings and tasting of products, also the possibility of offering seminars, with detailed information on products and companies.
The job of the Camara de Comercio Hispano Japonesa is to collaborate with spanish companies in their preparation before and after the fair, coordinating information between participants and stakeholders. In WINE & GOURMET JAPAN the participating companies have much more visibility. It is not a mass fair, but a high quality business platform with very professional support from media such as Japan Food Journal or The Wine Kingdom.
For our organization, the WINE & GOURMET JAPAN fair is a great opportunity, where we see how relationships between japanese professionals and participating spanish companies prosper year by year.

Mr. Miguel A. Martinez Massa, Presidente, CÁMARA DE COMERCIO HISPANO JAPONESA, Madrid, Spain

It was the first time we have participated in the Wine & Gourmet Japan. We are very pleased with the business environment for the Australian group (six wineries) and the result of obtaining genuine leads for each winery, which are promising! We would like to come back to this show with more members to penetrate into this attractive market.

Mr. Peter Simic CEO & Publisher Winestate Publishing Pty Ltd