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Wine & Gourmet Japan 2018 provides Japan with a truly premium platform – specialized in the wine, beer, spirits and gourmet food industry.

In the recent edition, 196 companies  exhibited at Wine & Gourmet Japan 2018 together with its partner events FABEX 2018, Dessert, Sweets, Bakery & Drink Festival 2018, PB-OEM Fair 2018, Halal Market Fair 2018, Japan Meat Industry Fair 2018, and Noodle Industry Fair 2018 welcomed 78,011 professional trade visitors, both internationally and from all over Japan. With 19 country and regional pavilions participating in 2018, the trade fair proved its international reputation and industry importance. With over 21 thematic seminars aimed at disseminating insights related to wine and gourmet food, visitors were treated to a buffet of business ideas and inspiration.

The exhibition is exclusively limited to industry professionals. Visitors have to prove their industry affiliation to access the fair. Visitor registration can be done online on the Wine and Gourmet Japan website.

The pre-registration will open in Feb 2019 and is free of charge. On-site registration will be charged at 4,000 JPY.

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